Five College Course Schedule

This course schedule allows searching for courses available for cross registration at each consortium campus. Follow your home campus' process when requesting registration for a course at another campus. Contact your home campus registrar for guidance. Search courses through the course schedule below. Courses recommended by Five College departments, majors, certificates and other programs can be found through the left menu.

Five College Interchange pre-registration for Fall 2021 is scheduled for August 2-11, 2021.

This is a registration period only for open seats in courses for which students are eligible. During this period, instructors can not permit students into full courses.

Instructor permissions will, as usual, be required for all courses during Add/Drop at the start of the semester.

Schedule information for Fall 2021 is published in the Five College Course Schedule before pre-registration for reference only. All course availability in this schedule is subject to change. Courses change daily and may be added, removed, or significantly revised throughout the summer, as the five institutions' offerings are finalized and five college interchange policies confirmed. If you have questions about interchange registration policies or procedures, contact your home campus registrar.

Preliminary course schedules for Fall 2021 are available from all institutions.

Course information changes daily.


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