Accessibility Services on each campus

Follow the below links to each campus's accessibilities services; see the link below for the Five College accomodations request form. 

Amherst College

Hampshire College

Mount Holyoke College

Smith College

UMass Amherst

Accommodations Requests

Students with disabilities may obtain accommodations and services when taking courses at any of the Five Colleges. Students should use the Five College Accommodations Request Form below to make a request for support.

Download the Five College Accommodations Request Form  

The form must be signed by the home campus Disability/Accessibility Services Director and the student. Students must then deliver the form to the corresponding person at the host campus. Students who have provided the appropriate documentation to the home campus will, in most cases, not need to provide this again to the host campus.

However, students should plan to make an appointment to meet with the Disability/Accessibility Services Office at the host school to learn about policies and procedures unique to that campus. 

To ensure that accommodations and services can be arranged, students should make accomodation and service requests two weeks in advance for exam accommodations, and four weeks in advance for accommodations that require planning, such as arranging for sign language interpreters, C-Print, or books in alternative formats. Check with the host school to see if they can accommodate you if you have missed these guidelines.