Students to the Power of Five

Whether its classes, clubs, concerts or meals, opportunities available to students on their home campus are often available to students from the other Five College campuses.

  • If a class on another campus is perfect for your major or simply sounds intriguing, chances are, it's available for you to enroll in; just talk to your advisor. 
  • If you're enrolled in a class on another campus, or just want to check another campus out--ride the bus! The PVTA is free, and runs regularly to each campus, to area downtowns and the mall. 
  • If you're on meal plan at your home campus and are taking a course on another campus at mealtime, you can arrange to eat on that campus as part of your meal plan.
  • Most clubs and extracurriculars open to students on their home campuses are open to all Five College students. Just check with the group you're interested in joining.

For details about these opportunities and many more, follow the links on the left!  

To find out about student events on other campuses or to post your own event, visit the Five College Calendar of Events.