The Value of the Consortium

Value of Consortium photo

For more than 50 years the Five College Consortium has offered students, faculty and staff members benefits beyond those offered on their home campus. In some cases, these benefits are offered by other consortium campuses, and in other cases by Five Colleges itself. This page offers some examples of these benefits. Find more by exploring this website and those of our member campuses. 

Collaborate with peers
Whether it’s to commiserate over coffee or collaborate on a grant-funded project, faculty and staff members come together in dozens of committees and programs, offering professional support for people who may have few if any peers on their own campus. With campuses all within a 20-minute drive of each other, meeting is easy, and Five Colleges offers meeting spaces and staff who can help coordinate committee and program activities. Some examples include:

  • Admissions deans jointly promote their campuses to high school counselors
  • Sexual health administrators collaborate on orientation programming
  • Emergency preparedness staff participate in shared exercises
  • Faculty members participate in dozens of multi-campus academic programs

We maintain a complete list of our  Administrative Committees and Programs as well as Academic Committees and Programsfunding opportunitiesFaculty Exchange opportunities, the Lecture Fund and our Associates Program.

Cultural activities
The Five College region of western Massachusetts is culturally rich, with theater and dance productions, lectures and concerts taking place throughout the year. Much of that cultural richness is provided by our campuses, which offer free public admission to most performances. The Five College Events Calendar lists consortium events and offers links to our campuses’ events calendars. 

Resources for diverse populations
Our campuses strive to offer diverse, inclusive learning and work environments. Each campus has its own diversity offices and resources, some of which are open to people from other Five College campuses. For information and links to programs visit the Five College Diversity and Inclusion Resources webpage.

Professional development
Each campus has professional development trainings, many of which are open to employees from all five campuses.

Opportunities for trailing partners
The Five College Academic Career Network (ACN) helps campuses accommodate dual career couples by providing links to employment opportunities at the Five College campuses and higher education institutions throughout the Northeast. Visit

Community resources
Whether it’s restaurants, LGBTQ resources, bike paths or farmers markets, the Five College area is rich in cultural, educational and other quality-of-life resources. Our For Community page has links to many resources. A great source of information on restaurants, shops and cultural activities is