Spotlight Taiwan in the Five Colleges

Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture has awarded the Five College consortium a generous grant enabling us to celebrate the richness of traditional and contemporary Taiwanese arts in a project that will bring three renowned performance troupes to the area over the next 18 months. In partnership with the UMass Fine Arts Center Asian Arts & Culture Program, Spotlight Taiwan in the Five Colleges will offer public performances of music, dance and puppetry. In addition, each group of performers will spend time in area schools and on the campuses leading master classes and participating in other outreach programs.

Spotlight Taiwan in the Five CollegesSpotlight Taiwan in the Five Colleges will also support other Taiwanese cultural activities that are being organized in the region. Check back at this site for new event listings.

Sheng Dong
September 17, 2014

Described by National Geographic as “one of the most original outfits working in the world music arena today,” the group Sheng Dong (A Moving Sound) will bring its fusion of traditional Asian and Western pop sounds to the area this September.



Spotlight Taiwan in the Five CollegesTai Yuan Puppet Company
March 1, 2015

In March, the Tai Yuan Puppet Company will come to the area, showcasing the music, wood-carving, embroidery and performance techniques that make Taiwanese puppetry so unique.




Spotlight Taiwan in the Five Colleges

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
September 22, 2015

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre will stage its performance Rice, celebrating traditional rural life in Taiwan. Described by the Toronto Globe and Mail as “one of the finest dance companies in the world,” Cloud Gate transforms ancient aesthetics into a modern celebration of motion.

Photos credits: top, Hong Lo; bottom, 
LIU Chen-hsiang.