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Spring 2021 Courses

Subj Abbr Course # Sect # Course Title Instructor(s) Meeting Times Institution
POSC 109 01 The Politics of Pandemics Ruxandra Paul TTH 10:10AM-11:30AM Amherst College
POSC 113 01 IR vs the World Eleonora Mattiacci WF 12:30PM-01:50PM Amherst College
POSC 113 02 IR vs the World Eleonora Mattiacci WF 02:10PM-03:30PM Amherst College
POSC 236 01 Intro to Int. Relations Gustavo Enrique Salcedo Avila MW 08:30AM-09:50AM Amherst College
POSC 270 01 European Union Politics Ruxandra Paul TTH 01:30PM-02:50PM Amherst College
POSC 301 01 Terrorism and Revolution Constantine Pleshakov M 02:10PM-05:00PM Amherst College
POSC 313 01 Reading Politics Pavel Machala W 02:10PM-04:40PM Amherst College
POSC 411 01 Indigenous Women Manuela Picq T 02:00PM-04:30PM Amherst College
POSC 415 01 Taking Marx Seriously Pavel Machala M 02:10PM-04:40PM Amherst College
POSC 486 01 US-Latin Am Relations Javier Corrales TTH 03:50PM-05:10PM Amherst College
IR 200 01 Research Methods Susanne Mueller-Redwood M 09:45AM-11:00AM;TTH 09:30AM-11:15AM;WF 10:15AM-11:15AM Mount Holyoke College
POLIT 232 01 Internat'l Political Economy Christopher Mitchell M 07:00PM-08:15PM;TTH 07:00PM-08:00PM;WF 07:00PM-08:45PM Mount Holyoke College
GOV 241 01 INTERNATIONAL POLITICS Mlada Bukovansky TTh 09:20-10:35 Smith College
GOV 244 01 FOREIGN POLICY OF THE U.S. Brent Durbin TTh 01:40-02:55 Smith College
GOV 256 01 CLQ: CORRUPTION & GLOBAL GOV Mlada Bukovansky TTh 01:40-02:55 Smith College
GOV 345 01 SEM:INTERNATNL POLITCS-DATA Brent Durbin W 07:05-09:35 Smith College
ECON 121 01 International Economy Kevin Young TU TH 1:00PM 2:15PM UMass Amherst
ECON 397FP 01 ST-Fundamentals/Int'l Pol Econ Kevin Young TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM UMass Amherst
POLISCI 121 01 World Politics Meredith Loken M W 1:25PM 2:15PM UMass Amherst
POLISCI 121 01AA World Politics F 9:05AM 9:55AM UMass Amherst